How does it work?

To grasp how acupuncture works, you will have to accept that there are other explanations than the Western understanding  of how the body/mind is connected.

According to Chinese Medicine the body has energy pathways also known as meridians running through the body. 12 main energy pathways and 8 xtra meridians running through the human organism and connected to our internal organs.

These 12 energy pathways, can be stimulated by inserting thin sterile needles in specific points along these lines.

The approach is that Qi, also known as Energy, Prana or Life Force should flow freely for the body to enjoy optimal health. If there is stagnation, Qi has to be moved, It there is deficiency of Qi it should be added and if excess, Qi  has to be drained.

You can´t by western medical standards explain how acupuncture works, though the latest theory is that the energy pathways flow through fascia which is connective tissue found everywhere in the body.

We can measure the effect of acupuncture by monitoring blood flow, changes in blood pressure, the release of chemical substances and  electrical activity in the acupuncture points.

There’s a field somewhere beyond all doubt and wrong doing. I’ll meet you there.– Rumi

Chinese Medicine philosophy is holistic and sees the human being as a whole, where there is no separation between body and mind. They are both aspects of the same unity. Every organ in Chinese Medicine has a physical, psychological and emotional aspect connected to them. When there is an imbalance in either one, eventually the others will be affected.

Some of us know the symbol of Yin and Yang which symbolizes the 2 interchangeable forces in the Universe. They support each other, they become each other, an ever continuing dance of opposing forces.

The dynamics of Yin & Yang has to be balanced for dis-ease and illness not to occur. E.g. there has to be a balance between rest (Yin) and activity (Yang). If we are active for too long and don’t get enough rest, we use ourselves inappropriately, our system goes out of balance, our immune system gets affected, what we call Wei Qi in Chinese Medicine, thus opening up for internal and external influences that can affect the balance in an unhealthy way. Emotions like grief or anger can become overwhelming, something our body/mind could have handled if the balance between activity and rest had been present.

What can acupuncture treat?

Through thousands of years of treatments it has shown great results with a long list of dis-eases, which I have also experienced through my practice and my 2 internships in Chengdu and Beijing University hospitals.

Acupuncture is brilliant where the energy is blocked, on the other hand if a woman show herself with an immense Yin defiency, herbal medicine and rest are essential for faster recovery ,where acupuncture can be given to assist the process.

Acupuncture started getting serious attention in the West around 1979 when the World Health Organization put out a list of imbalances that was affectively treated with acupuncture.

  • All forms of pain
  • Arthritis in joints and muscles
  • Headaches/migraines
  • Back pain
  • Female period pains
  • Hormonal disturbances
  • Gastro/Intestinal issues
  • Sinus problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Eczema
  • Circulatory system disturbances
  • Sense organs issues
  • Immune disorders
  • “frozen shoulder”
  • ”tennis elbow

What will a treatment be like?

First session is 60 min. 

First session will start with establishing diagnosis, treatment plan, and treatment.

What would you like to work with? How did it start? When did it start? What makes it better? What makes it worse? Are there any other thing than the primary issue we should look into?

An assessment and diagnosis will be made on the physical, energetic, psychological and spiritual level. If need be, pulse and tongue diagnosis will be made.

After a treatment plan is established I will insert, thin sterile needles that stays in for about 20 min. With ear acupuncture, if I use perma needles they will stay in between 1 -10 days normally.

Life style changes, dietary advice, breathwork, meditation, yoga or qi gong exercises will be provided if appropriate.

Following sessions will be 60 or 30 min. depending on issue.

How many treatments do I need?

That is difficult to say up front. Acute issues can in most cases be done with 1-3 sessions, where as chronic issues has more layers, have stayed with the body longer, therefore taking longer to get into balance.

My experience is, that it is essential that the client takes ownership towards her/his own life and make the changes necessary, be it lifestyle, dietary or other to help in the healing process.

We are our own best healers and that can´t be emphasized enough.  I can assist in helping the body/mind back to balance, but If you are not willing to do “the work”, chances are the issues will resurface. Power to you.

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