Acupuncture is the best known modality of Chinese Medicine that also encompass herbs, acupressure, tuina massage, cupping, moxa gua sha, qi gong and tai chi.

My foundation is Traditional Chinese Medicine though I also use the systems of Dr. Tan´s Balancing Method, Boel´s Modern Acupuncture, 5 Elements Acupuncture, Auricolo Therapy and Posturology in my acupuncture treatments. These modalities combined, create a synergy effect that surpass the stand alone approach, thus being more effective, creating superior results.with faster recovery.

Acupuncture is all about balancing the energy flow in the body and creating the optimal conditions for the body to activate its own healing process. The human organism is truly amazing at self healing, when given the right circumstances

Do your work, then step back. The only way to serenity– Tao Te Ching Chapter 9

History of Acupuncture

Acupuncture has existed for thousands of years. There are archeological findings dating back to 5000B.C, some scholars say even longer, which makes it the oldest medical system in the world.

It has thrived in many parts of the world and there is proof that acupuncture has been practiced in India, Sri Lanka, Europe and the indigenous tribes of the Americas.

The philosophy is rooted in the Daoist tradition, The “3 Treasures” of Qi, Jing and Shen and the ever interchangeable forces of Yin & Yang.

All following treatment modalities are used

when necesssary within an acupuncture session.

Auricolo Therapy

Also called Ear Acupuncture, is a western scientific approach that operates via the nervous system.

Dr Paul Nogier from France discovered the connection between the ear, the body and and how inserting small sterile needles onto the ear, can treat imbalances in the body.

It has its origins from 1951 where he then spent the next 20 years mapping out the connection between the ear and the rest of the body. Just like reflexology mapped out the body in the feet. This means that the spine, organs, hip, knee, jaw and so forth all have a points in the ear that is connected via the nervous system.

In 1996 he was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Medicine, for his discoveries of this connection. Today Auricolo therapy is used in the hospitals in France and Ear acupuncture is now, by the WHO (World Health Organization ) acknowledged as a science.

I use small perma needles that will stay on the surface of the ear from 1 – 14 days.

I use  Auricolo Therapy as a supplementation to my other treatments and in correction of any posturological asymmetry that can occur in the muscular/skeleton system


Posturology is an effective form of treatment for pain, asymmetry and disturbances in the muscular/skeleton system.

Posturology is the science of the body´s posture and it´s task is to keep the body in an upright position and in balance while in rest mode  and in motion. Posturology is being studied as a discipline within the neurological science at universities in France, Italy and  U.S.A.

In short, posturology is the description and treatment of our posture.

Posturology recognizes that the human organism is equipped with two types of muscles. The tonic muscles which are being used to support the skeleton and fascia muscles that are being used with movement. The fascia muscles can be controlled by our will, be assisted with training, massage or other forms of manipulation, whereas the tonic muscles is regulated by our central nervous system and is a complex neurological interaction between the information the brain gets, mainly from the positioning of the eye in the eye socket, bite function and the joint of the jaw as well as the receptors under our feet. Posturology´s  biggest domain is the spine.

Because the tonic muscles are centrally regulated, mental training will not have an effect in our ability to stand up straight, by e.g. saying “straighten your spine” and there will be no lasting effect of massage or manipulation of the joints.

The tonic muscles are in charge of the curvature of the spine, how each joint is positioned in relation to the other joints and the angle between shoulder and the pelvis. If the spine is “crooked”, if a joint moves slightly or muscle tension occurs, it often leads to pain.

Approximately 80% of the pain issues we experience stems, according to the theory of posturology from an uneven muscle tone in the right or left side of the body, that is pulling on joints and bones, creating a constant irritation and malfunctioning. These assymetries will as time goes on worsen and the imbalance will increase.

It consists of rehabilitating the brain and the signals it sends to the body of our positioning in the room, so the body can regain its balance.

  • Is your posture assymetrical? If you look at your shoulder and hips?
  • If you use glasses, does it disturb your balance?
  • How about your jaw? Is it tight and clenched?
  • Can you focus on one object at a time?
  • Do you have a scoliosis or is the curvature of your spine to small or to big (lordosis, kyphosis)?
  • Does your feet have a natural curve or do you have a varus or valgus foot?

Functional bite irregularities can be treated locally or with ear acupuncture. Mechanical disturbances has to be attended to by a dentist. If an imbalance stem from the eyes, maybe prism glasses is the solution. This will be helped by your optician.

When a correct diagnosis have been made a treatment will more often than not, have an instant and “magical” lasting effect.

  • Ear acupuncture with perma needles.
  • North Pole magnets for the jaw and eyes.
  • A foot sole with a small microchip that reestablishes the signals the brain gets from our positioning in the room and has a huge pro- prioceptive rehabilitation effect ( for the purchase of the soles I will direct you to a colleague)
  • A balancing full body acupuncture session.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong will be the best exercises you yourself can practice

(after the posturological adjustments have realigned you.)


Cupping is a therapeutic tool, most often made out of glass, but can also be made out of plastic or bamboo.

Cupping creates a suction effect so that is attaches to the muscle tissue. This suction increases the circulation of Qi “energy”  and flushes the area with fresh blood, thus assisting in releasing stagnation and blockages in the affected tissue. Cupping can also be used to remove “Wind, “Cold” or “Dampness”. Terms we use in Chinese Medicine.

There are different cupping techniques we use as practitioners depending on, if we want to drain, increase or move Qi.

It is a form of treatment we use within the Chinese Medicine system but other countries and cultures, has and still use it to this day.

I use Cupping as supplementation to my treatments if there is a need for it.


Meditation is the easiest thing to “do” and the hardest thing to master.

That being said is in an invaluable tool to tame the “Monkey Mind”, quiet our thought processes and heart beats and will be a great companion to you, be it, you sit in a cave and meditate, a soft cushion in a quiet place In your own  home, standing in line in the supermarket, stuck in traffic or interacting with other people.

I started guiding meditation circles back in 2004 and have practiced it myself for even longer.

Considering that the breath is with us of every second of our lives it makes sense to make it a  close companion.. 90%  of us, if not more are shallow breathers, breathing only in the top our chests leaving no room for our extremities to receive our oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide (waste material). It’s a vicious cycle so let’s start breathing properly.

I can provide  breathing exercises and meditation techniques for you to explore.

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