Face reading

In a Face Reading Consultation I use my knowledge of the 5 Elements, Chinese Medicine and Face Reading, as well as many years of coaching experience. A Face Reading Consultation is a transformative event. I will be guiding you to a deeper understanding of your ‘True Face’ – the natural abilities, talents and strengths you were born with and which are here for you to come to thrive in life.

Through a synthesized analysis of the features and markings of the face, I validate personality traits, uncover past issues, reflect on potential blockages and guide you to deeper insights about your true nature.

The face is also a blueprint for our bodies’ systems and organs, making it an invaluable tool for diagnosis. By looking at markings and coloration, I can spot health issues and, crucially, potential health problems before they have a chance to manifest.

Every face is unique, reflecting the uniqueness of each individual. Through a face reading consultation you come to the recommendations for optimal emotional, psychological and physical health that are the perfect fit for you and your unique situation.

History of Face Reading

Face reading can be traced back over 3,000 years to classical Chinese medicine, when physicians would study the face to help diagnose illness. It can also be found in the works of the ancient Greek philosophers: both Aristotle and Plato discussed its merit. Later, physiognomy, as it became known, was taught in English universities.

The classical Chinese way of Face Reading has been passed down from generation to generation, continuing the lineage of the ancient masters. Lillian Pearl Bridges, as one of those descendants, decided to share her wisdom with students as a way to preserve the great wisdom that is held in the art of Face Reading, bringing face reading to a broader public and now having educated more than 40 Master Face Readers around the world.

I was among the first students to graduate the Master Face Reader Certification Program in 2014 and I have been conducting Face Readings and integrating diagnostic face reading in my consultations ever since.

1H session

Price : €130 Dkr. 1000

A face reading
Consultation can happen face to face but it is also possible to have a face reading using Skype Video as a platform.

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